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A powerful, driven, and peaceful mindset is the core of having a life that works. Shifting a mindset is something I’m highly trained and accomplished in. People “know” what to do, and many times that makes no difference in accomplishing goals. Mindset work is the KEY to the rest of your life and health.


This is your unique puzzle piece. All science is revealing that individualized nutrition is what creates the best results. It’s your body, so arbitrary rules need not apply. With my biochemistry degree I know you’re unique! Oh and we don’t do shame and judgement here. We do what works for our bodies with no apologies.


Lifting weights and taking care of your heart health is imperative. Here we get strong by lifting weights, and increase endurance with smart cardio. We do this from a place of love & 100% responsibilty and not from shame, comparison, or trying to “fix you”.  Power, peace, and strength is where it’s at!



Often this is the missing link in all other coaching programs. 14 years of coaching has taught me that this is an integral piece and cannot be overlooked. I’ve coached hundreds of people around strengthening their relationship with God and reconnecting with thier TRUE identity, Their Authentic Self made by God, not society.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

If you can say yes to the following questions on the right, then coaching is for you! If you’re not ready that’s totally ok! Stay connected on the coaching pages with the rest of the Team and I’ll be waiting for you when the time is right.

Are you confused by all of the health & self help info out there?

It’s confusing, I get it. I’ve seen just about every coach, blog, and guru’s pages out there. So many are selling supplements, “hacking” tricks, and “4 simple steps” plans, it’s hard to know who to trust. Given my biochemistry, athletic and neuroscience background you can expect integrity, simplicity and honesty. 14 years of coaching has afforded me insights into humanity and there are NO quick fixes nor one “secret solution”. I do take a few supplements, I’ve recommended some to people, there’s nothing wrong with any of that. But I’m not making profits off of anything I recommend, in fact, I refuse to! I profit from my coaching fees, so anthing else I recommend, you can trust works without worrying I’m putting myself first. Nope! You pay me to put YOU first. With that said, we are all different and require flexible, individualized solutions and strategies and you can count on me to deliver them or point you to who/what can. 

Are you ready to stop the yo-yo self improvement and diet trains?

Maybe you have tried it ALL. Keto to Paleo to Nutri-this and Jenny-that OH and ALL of the 30 day, 21 day, 60 day BLAH BLAHs NOTHING WORKS! Not long term at least. Same for the personal development and self help courses and books. That’s where the personal coaching of Mindset, neuroscience, and soul aspects of my programs come in. You didn’t get where you are overnight, and you won’t alter overnight either. Those quick fixes are just money-grabbers for the creators at best, and a huge disappointment to you at worst. Not here, I coach you through and we take time backed by science.

Are you ready to be 100% responsible for your life?

In my programs I coach you around the areas of blame and shame. Those two words are little devil words! And they don’t do a lick of good. Rather I go deep into what it is to be responsible and honey, let me tell you, THAT is where the power and juice is! You’ll love it, I promise! 

Are you ready to look at your habits and rewire your brain?

Neuroplasticity is where it’s AT and it’s REAL. I am highly skilled at making SURE that you know when you’ve rewired your brain. I assure you I’ll be pointing it out to you as we go and praising you! Can CAN change the structure of your brain and rewire your habits. The key is to do it slowly and consistenly for at least 63 days up to one year. Oh and adding a new habit is entirely different than stopping an old one and I know how to help you do both!

Do you believe in God or a power greater than you? It's not required, but I incorporate it.

I walk my talk. I coach people to discover their Authentic Selves, their Higher Truth, capital “T” and that’s straight from God, not me or society. Given I do that, I can’t and won’t do anything in my life, including business, without God. If you’re a 1 on 1 client I will leave God out at your request, but in my groups I talk about Him and you deserve to know that. Now I don’t preach any one religion though I am Christian. I’ve coached people from EVERY religion on the planet with big big love and respect! So know that I talk about God in my groups and that may not work for you. I don’t insist on believing in Him and don’t get preachy or judgmental nor do I allow it in my groups, you’re always safe here. I’ve had MANY agnostic clients and we work beautifully together. All I ask is for mutual respect. Interestingly, when my clients open up to the spiritual work, including the agnostic ones, their breakthroughs happen faster and last longer. I can only explain that with the miracle and mystery that is the soul and spirit. God is good! Thank you for allowing me to be me <3

Are you ready to WORK be ALL IN and put yourself first?

I’ll be blunt, as usual. Do NOT enroll in any of my programs unless you’re ALL IN. You will show up EVERY session, EVERY call and do the homework. There will be NO “hacks”, NO tricks, NO short cuts. I’m old school and we do hard work. So be ready and willing to work because I can coach you ’till the cows come home as we say in Texas, but if you don’t get “on the field” of your LIFE and play? It’s a waste of money for you and time for me. Come back when you’re ready to put an end to what is keeping you resigned, pessimistic, hopeless and unhappy. Come back when you’re ready to kick the past for good. Said with love <3

How It Works

Pick a Program

Go to the “Work With Me” tab and choose which program works best for you based on your time, finances, and where you’re at in life.


Get Registered

Listen, if you’re here, then it’s for a reason! There will be no “perfect time” to start. I suggest that you responsibly jump in and just DO IT!

Reach Your Goals!

You’ll see REAL fast that I mean business as your Coach. You’ll discover what’s been in the way of your goals and we will implement structures for you to accomplish them. 

My Approach:

The most important aspect of me as your coach is my 14 years of Mindset Coaching experience and my highly trained listening of you. Each client is unique and while I do have a basic curriculum that I’ve developed, everything is tailored to YOU. I’m trained in communication and hear everything from tone, pitch, speed and very importantly what you don’t say! Nothing gets passed me. I know that I look sweet, and I am but…… to the next point….

I’m a blunt, straight shooter who’s known for my tough love. Listen, you have enough people agreeing with you, that’s not my job. My job is to call you on your BS and coach you to perform better. You’re here to get better, faster and stronger in life aren’t you? Yes, you are. Not to worry, it’s always done with love, I’m trained well. Clients end up thanking me for the butt-whoopin’ and we end up close like family. You know someone loves you when they not only acknowledge your awesomeness, which I do, but they also call you OUT and say, “You are BETTER THAN THAT!!”

You deserve to learn about yourself, and I’m a teacher at heart. It’s important that you understand your brain and body, but not in a snooze-fest boring science lecture way, but in a fun, applicable to real life science way! I can’t leave the science out so I teach it to you in a way that’s fun and easy to remember.

Most importantly, my commitment is to continually improve my own coaching. I regularly measure how effective I am as a coach and measure the results I help produce. Over the years I have changed my curriculum, lessons, order of what I cover and much more. I’m consistently doing research and improving for YOU. I make it my job to nerd out on the science and latest research to make sure that it serves you well and alters your real life for the better. Oh and as much as I’ll love you, my job is to also give you wings, and eventually say good bye. My coaching is designed to see you WIN!  I’ll cheer you on as I watch you fly away.

If that sounds good to you, and you’re ready, I’d love to hear from you! Either schedule a consult or get enrolled in one of my courses! Let’s get you going!




You’ll be in an exclusive group with Coach Prime and other kick ass people like yourself! You’ll have the opportunity to be coached live, ask Coach questions, and be surrounded with people who are rooting for you to accomplish all of your goals.


More Details

What you’ll get every month:

-A foundation always grounded in nutrition and well-being

-Coaching videos with one or two main topics of focus with the goal of mastery. Topics will include the Mindset around: Staying motivated, following through, your relationship with food, general communication. starting and stopping habits, self forgiveness, work life,  personal goals, leaving the past in the past, setting up your life for success (financially, socially, nutritionally, spiritually and beyond), the ego, digestion, sleep and much more!

-You’ll get a vote on may of the topics covered 

-Live group coaching calls where your questions are answered by Coach Prime

-Worksheets, book recommendations, resources and tools for success.

-Friends for life! When you’re in a great group, your life will move and improve! We will hold you accountable, love you, and also see your greatness and accept nothing less.

-You’ll get Coach Prime’s office hours M-F 9-6pm CST where she answers your questions! Clients typically pay $125/hour for her time, so this is a DEAL!

-Discounts on her courses, be the first to see new materials, opportunities for freebies and so much more! 

Register here: 


4 Week Coaching Package


October 1, 2019 – April 1. 2019

– Imagine Coach Prime is LIVE at your local community college for the next 6 months, taking you through the holidays and the New Year. She will be teaching you all about Mindset, nutrition, health, habits, your brain, and how to accomplish your goals.  In this live course, we’ll meet almost* every week as a class via Zoom video conference. You’ll be able to ask me questions, listen to and learn from your classmates, and have homework that moves your life forward. This is an exclusive private class with ongoing support from Coach Prime and it will carry you through the holidays and well after New Years! Starts October 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020 (last day of class). You’ll finish in time to enjoy spring and summer!

4 Week Coaching Packag


More Details


-A personal welcome call from Coach Prime herself to say hello and get to know you. She will have your file and profile and very much treat you like a student who and it’s her job to successfully get you from point A to Z. 

-A reasonable plan for lasting health for decades, not weeks or months. In addition, you’ll be coached to set up all other areas of your life for success. Being healthy isn’t always just about the food, it’s about what’s stressing you and keeping you up at night. From family. work, personal health, finances to relationships, Coach Prime has you covered. We are setting up your WHOLE LIFE to work! Woot!!

 -You’ll have a world class Mindset Coach supporting you through the toughest time of the year for many people. Through the holiday events, family, coworkers, finances, the emotions around holidays, the food and temptations as well has ACTUALLY making 2020 resolutions that work. Not only that, but we will be well into 2020 and you’ll be accomplishing those goals with structure, accountability, and success!

-Accelerated education from Coach Prime. This is very different from the Inner Circle in that we will see each other LIVE every single week and you’ll be learning 4x the speed of the Inner Circle and it’s structured whereas the Inner Circle is more free-flowing.

-The tools that my one on one clients enjoy having for their lives when the going gets tough! Life WILL happen and you’ll have everything you’ll need to be prepared when the class is finished. From tough conversations, tempting foods at parties, what to eat out and about, to how to handle tragedies, you’ll be set.

-An understanding of your brain, body, & soul that’s simple, FUN, and easy to manage. You’ll not only understand WHY you do what you do, but also HOW & WHAT to do about it so that you are at peace and have long lasting confidence. 

-Support from your classmates who are learning right along side you and who will hold you to accocunt

-A private facebook group with your classmates during the course

-After the course you’ll have the opportunity to be in an on-going coaching group for the MHMA Graduates where I’ll continue coaching you on a “lighter” basis.

-Upon graduating, you’ll receive discounts to Coach Prime’s courses, ebooks and events.


-People who aren’t WILLING to change and alter their life permanently.

-People who want to live in blame and in the past.

-People who want a quick, fast, “diet” or lifestyle that can’t possibly be upheld for decades on end.

-People who procrastinate and love their excuses more than their dreams.

-People who need babysitting everyday. Coach is a coach, not a tyrant who seeks to force people to do things they don’t want to do. 

-People who don’t want to do the work.


-People ready and waiting for the breakthroughs of their life!

-People who are sick and tired of being sick and tired of things.

-People who are brave, honest, and willing to tell the truth in order to affect a positive change in their lives.

-People who are open and coachable and can take being challenged.

-People who will show up, no matter the thoughts, emotions, or internal state and do the work. Knowing there is no such thing as perfect and that you’ll “fail”, not do homework, get behind and feel like a MESS! That’s all part of the program and Coach Prime is ready for ALL of that! -Happily and with a smile on her face, knowing you’ll breakthrough all of it.

-People who want to be healthy in all ways, and adopt a lifestyle that lasts decades, not months or even years. 

 Payment is due in full by October 15, 2019, and you have a 30 day money back guarantee from the start of the course, In other words, no refunds after November 1, 2019.

*Completed worksheets must be turned in for a full refund,, and you must have attended all classes. Coach Prime has gone through a lot of effort to make this the best and only course of it’s kind and only wants serious students, not people kicking tires.

Questions? Email here, last day of registration is September 25, 2019.

Register here:



8 Week Coaching Package


You and me on the phone every single week talking in depth about your life, your health, your goals, and what specifically you’re dealing with in all areas of life. You’re assigned customized homework and I hold you to account every week! You’re given my cell phone number and have access to me via text and calls. The breakthroughs and education are astounding. 14 years of experience and I can tell you, it’s worth the work.

More Details

**What you get:

-Clarity, certainty, energy, and peace of mind. You’ll have the tools to stay empowered no matter your circumstances or situations that come up.

-Remembering who you REALLY are and creating a solid foundation in which you operate in life. No more feeling lost, no more feeling confused, no more being at the mercy of your past or your present situations.

-1 Hour sessions every other week. We cover health, nutrition, and in-depth Mindset training.

-15 minute check ins on your “off” weeks

-Customized homework tailored to your circumstances and health

-Opportunities for asking any and all questions you’d ever want of me and we figure out what works for you together. 

-Full and easy understanding of “why” your brain, habits, and past failures have happened and a clear way to accomplish what you want.

-Tools for LIFE! You’ll have your notebook full of notes from our calls where I teach you SO much, and you’ll always be able to look back and see exactly what to do when something challenging comes up!

-The choice to also join the One on One Graduates Group for on-going support once you feel your one on one time with me is complete. This is a group of people who’s learned the exact same things you have and can keep the empowering conversations going, while still having access to me for continued “lighter” coaching.


**Limited availability, may be subject to a waiting list





More Details

**What you get:

-Clarity, certainty, energy, and peace of mind. You’ll have the tools to stay empowered no matter your circumstances or situations that come up.

**Limited availability, may be subject to a waiting list